Sound Design & Composition

Part of an assignment I’ve been given in college involves working with sound design and composition to video. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it’s essentially adding sound effects and your own music over adverts, trailers, film scenes, TV shows etc. This involves muting the original video (if it actually has audio) and then re-designing it all.

One of the videos I decided to work on was the trailer for The Witcher 3, entitled ‘Killing Monsters’. I find it to be very powerful, visually stunning and well suited to my style. I chose to do just the fight scene however, as this is my first attempt at something like this, so I thought a minute’s worth of sound design and music would suffice. I will of course be attempting more longer and complex videos as I go along and get better.

I’m quite proud of how this turned out and think it’s probably the best 10 hours I’ve ever put into something musically! If you have the time to leave me some feedback, please do so, as it would mean a lot to me! Composition is the dream, so any help I can get is always very highly appreciated.

Please leave a like on the video if you enjoy it enough to do so, and subscribe to my channel for more videos such as this, guitar covers, original music and more! Thank you for reading!

Mire Update #2 – New Material & Bandcamp Changes.

After having the instrumental reboot of the first song I ever wrote for Mire on Bandcamp now for around a month, I decided asking 79p for a track was a bit much. Not only because unfortunately, most ‘fans’ of music don’t pay for it nowadays (sarcastic reason), but mainly because I’m not exactly a known artist and I don’t really have any sort of fan base to call on (real reason). So it’s now free! The newer version, and the original version from 2012 can both be found on the Bandcamp page here:

In other news, thanks to some of the feedback I’ve received from close friends and fellow musicians, I’ve been able to get a few ideas for new material. I’m hoping to take it a little bit less orchestral, if only a bit, and focus more on atmospheric sounding guitars. So this means even more reverb, hopefully a nicer guitar tone, more leads and some more varied drumming. There’s a small clip on SoundCloud of some chords I’m working on that might fit an intro, interlude or outro, which can be found here:

Updates will continue to roll in, for my own sake just as much as anybody else’s, as it helps to keep me on track and focused. With luck, I’ll also be announcing some progression in already released Mire material, which I’m highly excited for, but we’ll see about that.

Cheers for reading if you have. Please do leave me feedback on Mire’s music if it’s something you have time to do or are interested in. Feedback can be left here, or on the Facebook page here:

CD Acquisition #3: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector’s Edition OST.


I’m huge on gaming, especially the Final Fantasy series, and as much as the most recent games aren’t exactly VII or IX, they’re still great in their own right. The music however, never appears to be terrible in a Final Fantasy game, whether it’s Nobuo Uematsu or otherwise, which is another reason I stay faithful to the series and continue to pick ‘em up.


Had to get the DMC wall scroll in there too as they’ve both just been delivered today!

So many tunes. This OST is incredibly decent, and is excellently produced! The tracks range from typical FF synth/orchestral type stuff to piano based tracks and a fair few with some rock fuelled guitar parts. Awesome, right? And considering this collector’s edition version was down in price just makes the whole thing better, ordered straight from Square-Enix too!

If you’re new to Final Fantasy as a series or the music in general, have a listen to ‘J.E.N.O.V.A.’ from VII, ‘The Extreme’ from VIII, ‘To Zanarkand’ from X and ‘Saber’s Edge’ from XIII. Enjoy!

CD Acquisition #2: Ulcerate & Ihsahn.

What a pair of beauties these are. Both newly released this year, and already in my top 10 for 2013.

Ulcerate’s album, ‘Vermis’, is easily some of the most crushing, obliterating and destructive death metal I’ve ever heard. I don’t care if that sounds like I’m bigging the album up too much, it’s worth doing so! Listening to this brought back memories of when I first discovered Aborted, Decapitated and Origin, so a lot of happy neck breaking ensued upon blasting this through my speakers.


Ihsahn’s new release however is much different. It still has the crushing chugging of Vermis, but Ihsahn being a pioneer of black metal, it obviously has a fair few different influences to Ulcerate’s material. Two completely different sounding albums, but both equally as intense, just in different ways.

‘Das Seelenbrechen’ is easily one of the most original albums I’ve ever heard. It’s full of what sounds like saxophone, and contains a ton of string sections, which is always immense. The guitar work is pretty fucking awesome too, and definitely a step up from Eremita, even if only a bit, especially in the solos. There’s literally nothing I can think of complaining about, so instead of reading my waffling, go listen to ‘Hiber’, ‘Pulse’ and ‘See’.

CD Acquisition #1: Amon Amarth Day!

What metalhead doesn’t love Amon Amarth? Is metalhead even a term people like to use anymore? Do I care? Nay.
After seeing Amon Amarth blitz Manchester Academy last week, I thought it was about time to get ahold of some of their older albums, so obviously, it was going to be these beasts:


From the left, we have ‘Fate Of Norns’, ‘Versus The World’ and ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’. All of which are packed full of brilliant tunes to bring out the inner viking within me. Versus The World is probably my favourite of the three if I were to choose one though, plainly just for ‘Death In Fire’. What a beast of a track that is, especially live with orange and red lighting!

If you’re unfamiliar with Amon Amarth’s stuff, I recommend the songs ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’, ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’ and Runes To My Memory’. All of which have easy to find music videos on Youtube, so get looking. If you’re a fan of Insomnium, Gormathon or Unleashed, then you’ll probably be into these guys.

Crap Quality Live Lamb Of God Video!

I remembered last night whilst on my way home from the Amon Amarth and Carcass gig in Manchester, that I still have these old, short and sort of pointless video clips of Lamb Of God from 2010.

The video and audio quality sucks ass thanks to the camera and microphone of the brilliant Samsung Tocco Lite, which at the time was my mobile phone.

These videos suck. The sound quality sucks. Everything sounds like the sort of filthy bass drop that Skrillex would shit out behind a mixing desk, however, to me they’re sort of awesome too, as they were filmed at what was my first ever gig.

Lamb Of God with support from Job For A Cowboy, August Burns Red and Between The Buried And Me. It was a greatly heavy night and was very much enjoyed.

Still wish I had better filming gear with me though…

Amon Amarth + Carcass @ Manchester Academy – 3 Not Bad Photos.


Taken by myself.


Taken by Adele (level 86 friendo).


Taken by myself.

Was a great night for music and a decent enough night for memorable snaps. I imagine that a full review of the evening will come soon and will include my praising the shit out of Amon Amarth and Carcass.